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PVC-Power cable and control cable + Product Specifications

XLPE Power Cables + info about unarmoured cable and armoured cable

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We have power cables with cores insulated in XLPE.

XLPE (cross-linked polyethylene), has all the attributes of PVC but goes a stage or two further. While it retains the good qualities of polyethylene, at high temperatures its toughness and physical properties are improved. In particular, there is greatly enhanced resistance to deformation.

These cables are available in two, three, three-and-a-half and four cores, and comply with BS 5467.

Having superior thermal and mechanical properties to PVC, XLPE also has higher insulation resistance that resulting in a reduction in its thickness leading to a corresponding reduction in the overall diameter and weight of a single finished cable.

The main comparative consideration, however, is that XLPE permits the operating temperature of cables to be raised substantially without suffering thermal deformation or depreciation.

The continuous current ratings of XLPE insulated cables are based upon a maximum conductor temperature of 90°C as opposed to 70°C for PVC insulated types.

Flexible Cord + Product Specifications

PVC Industrial Flexible Cables

PVC flexible cables have a variety of industrial applications. Single core unsheathed types are designed for use as general purpose wiring.

Multicore sheathed types can operate power supply or extension leads to lighting or mobile equipment. Single and multicore bunched circular copper conductor, PVC insulated and sheathed.

Cable Accessory + Cable Guard + Product Specifications